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4th ESRC Research Methods Festival, 5-8 July 2010

Overall aims of the Festival

The Festival aims to engage social scientists across a wide range of disciplines and sectors and at different points in their research careers. We are aiming to stimulate interest, raise issues, highlight opportunities and showcase new developments.

Photographs from the Research Methods Festival 2010

01/70: The 4th ESRC Research Methods Festival took place on 5-8 July 2010 at St Catherine's College Oxford

02/70: Festival organisers at the registration desk


04/70: 47 PhD students exhibited their posters

05/70: John Stillwell from Understanding Population Trends and Processes (UPTAP)

06/70: John MacInnes from University of Edinburgh


08/70: (from left) Stewart Muir and Vanessa May from Realities/University of Manchester, Sue Heath from NCRM/University of Southampton, and Carol Smart from Realities/University of Manchester

09/70: John Fletcher from University of Oxford

10/70: Exhibitors' stands attracted attention



13/70: Jiayi Liu from Lancaster University

14/70: Jiayi Liu and Brian Francis from Lancaster University

15/70: Graham Hughes from NCRM QUIC node, University of Surrey

16/70: Laura Fumagalli from Institute for Social & Economic Research (ISER) presenting

17/70: John Stillwell from UPTAP and John Pullinger from House of Commons Library, at UPTAP sponsored drinks reception

18/70: Jazz Menagerie playing at the drinks reception




22/70: Audience at the "In Conversation with Michael Agar" session

23/70: From left: Nigel Gilbert (SIMIAN), Paula Maycock (Dublin), Mike Agar (Ethknoworks), Dave Sayers (Swansea) and Edmund Chattoe-Brown (SIMIAN)

24/70: Michael Agar from Ethknoworks

25/70: Harold Clarke from University of Dallas, Texas

26/70: Session participant at work

27/70: Ben Whalley (LEMMA)

28/70: Fred Conrad from University of Michigan

29/70: Harvey Goldstein from NCRM LEMMA node, University of Bristol

30/70: Leanne Morrison from University of Southampton



33/70: Ros Edwards from London South Bank University

34/70: Chris Skinner from NCRM/University of Southampton

35/70: Robin Smith from Cardiff University

37/70: Graham Crow, Coordinator of the festival and Deputy Director of NCRM

38/70: Paul Atkinson from Cardiff University, awarding the prizes for the best PhD student posters

39/70: Most of the festival helpers were post-graduate students from across UK universities

40/70: Sandra Abbeglen from Goldsmiths, University of London was awarded the third prize for her PhD poster

41/70: Gabrijela Reljic was awarded the second prize for her PhD poster

42/70: Poster by Linda Rootam from Queens Univesity Belfast was voted as the best of the festival PhD posters.

43/70: Festival delegates enjoying the sunshine at the Wednesday drinks reception.

44/70: Peter Davis from University of Auckland and Ann Oakley from Institute of Education, University of London

45/70: Paula Cadima from the European Research Council


47/70: (from left) Ros Edwards, Ann Oakley, Jackie Scott and Graham Crow at "In Conversation with Ann Oakley"


49/70: Michael Bright from ESRC

50/70: Kaisa Puustinen from NCRM/University of Southampton, Alan Pike (Media Consultant) and Hazel Burke from Realities/University of Manchester

51/70: Hazel Burke from Realities/University of Manchester

52/70: Kunal Sen from University of Manchester

53/70: Carole Sutton from University of Plymouth, Malcolm Williams from Cardiff University and Graham Crow from NCRM/University of Southampton

54/70: Peter Lynn from ISER, University of Essex

55/70: Eric V. Swanson from World Bank

56/70: John Mohan and Andri Soteri-Proctor from Third Sector Research Centre

57/70: Domenico Moro from Third Sector Research centre

58/70: Lunch break

59/70: Delegates enjoying their lunch

60/70: Kate Pickett from University of York and Richard Wilkinson from University of Nottingham

61/70: Nissa Finney from University of Manchester



64/70: (from left) David Walker from Audit Commission, Astrid Wissenburg from ESRC, Matthew Taylor from the Royal Society of Arts, Nissa Finney from University of Manchester, Richard Wilkinson from University of Nottingham and Kate Pickett from University of York.

65/70: Sara Delamont from Cardiff University, holding a career development session "Beating thesis blues"







For detailed information about the programme please see the downloadable Programme Booklet. Alternatively you can view our festival programme online which also includes links to some of the presentations.

Themes running through the festival include:

There was also be an open session run by Anna Vignoles and ADMIN/LEMMA/CEMMAP on: Colleagues on school league tables

Workshop organised by Nigel Gilbert and Maria Xenitidou (invitation only) on: Methodological Innovation