Feeling, making and imagining time: Using Mass Observation diaries and 'feel tanks' to explore the everyday experience of time in the Covid19 pandemic


Rebecca Coleman, Sociology Department; Goldsmiths; University of London

Dawn Lyon, University of Kent

Chloe Turner, Media; Communications and Cultural Studies; Goldsmiths; University of London

Corine Van Emmerik, Goldsmiths; University of London

This panel will reflect on our BA-funded research on people's lived experiences of time during the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK. The project seeks to capture the making of new rhythms and routines; the reconfiguring of imaginations of the past; present and future; and the feelings arising from the ongoing pandemic. By analysing diary entries from a specially commissioned Mass Observation 'directive' as well as new data produced through the novel methodology of 'feel tanks;' we explore the ways in which time is made; felt; and imagined during the coronavirus pandemic. In this session; we discuss our multi-method qualitative approach and consider the following questions: How can we conduct research on a changing topic? How can we capture everyday temporal experiences during Covid-19? How do the data from the diaries and feel tanks stimulate our sociological imaginations? What ethical issues arose in working with the Mass Observation diaries?