What is Socio-Tech for Good?


Bio: Legal researcher with a PhD in law on human trafficking. Julia has a firm grasp of legal concepts and theories with an ability to operationalise them in an applied manner. Her main expertise is in human trafficking, criminal law, human rights, human security and victimology. At Trilateral Research she leads the Socio-Tech Insights Group, which tackles social challenges with interdisciplinary expertise and cutting-edge data intelligence services.

Rose Broad, University of Manchester

Bio: "Gwilym leads the Trilateral Research training offering which ranges from bespoke behaviour change programmes to instructing client teams on our state of the art AI solutions. His background was in corporate consulting for clients including JPMorgan, Credit Suisse and Pfizer. He then moved his focus to training, first as a teacher and then holding trainer positions in the second and third sector, most recently at Save the Children. Gwilym brings his research skills from his legal career. He has previously designed and led behaviour change programmes for clients including the NHS and the Department of Health, and teaches public speaking. He holds a BSc in Physics and was admitted to the Bar in 2006."

Public bodies are often rich in data but can be constrained in deriving value from it. As a result; they miss out on data-driven insights; advanced analytical capabilities and intelligence when aiming to tackle complex social challenges. Of course; data on its own does not solve everything; your need subject experts; but data can help with establishing a contextual understanding of a problem; by providing reliable and real-time information for actionable insights. In this talk we will present this approach as used in project Honeycomb on gaining an understanding of human trafficking in Greater Manchester.