Teaching Visual Methods During COVID


Bio: Suzanne has a PhD in Art History and Theory from the University of Essex, awarded in 2016. Her research interests centre around aesthetics and identity, with particular focus on dress and representation. She is currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Suffolk, teaching research methods at all levels.

Bio: Post-doctoral research fellow working on an Erasmus+ funded project (ENABLES) exploring the use of arts-based embodied approaches to leadership development. Keen interest in creative methods - especially collage - & well-being. Previous research explored what it means to be struggling as a teacher.

In March 2020; Suzanne Culshaw was due to come into one of Suzanne Albary's Research Methods seminars for MBA students to deliver a workshop on Visual Methods and using collage as data collection. When it was cancelled; we both had to find ways of delivering previously in-person and tactile research methods training in an online environment. This conversation focuses on how we did it; what we learned; what worked and what did not as we adapted during the pandemic. We will talk about Visual Methods; its place in an online environment; and getting creative with an already creative method.

Both presenters will be available in the chat to answer questions while the recording is playing.

Watch the video of this session.