What makes data research-ready?


Louise Mc Grath-Lone, University College London

Administrative data (i.e. information routinely collected by organisations for operational reasons) are a valuable research resource. Administrative data have several advantages compared to primary research data (e.g.; whole population coverage; near complete follow-up and potential for linkage) but are under-utilised due to access and technical barriers. The Administrative Data Research (ADR) UK programme seeks to increase the use of administrative data by creating linked; research-ready resources for multiple research purposes. However; in spite of increasing interest and investment; there is no agreed definition of what constitutes 'research-ready' data. In this session; we will present our proposed framework of characteristics for research-ready administrative data and invite discussion about how the research community can develop clear principles and agree common standards. These standards and principles are urgently needed to guide data providers and processors and ensure that the research-ready administrative data they generate are fit-for-purpose in terms of their utility for research.