What are Virtual Reality experiments with human participants?


Bio: "My primary research interests lie within human factors and pedestrian dynamics engineering, specifically focusing on experimental approaches. From October 2016 to February 2021, I pursued a PhD in human behaviour in terrorist attacks. This research focused on micro-level behaviour, aiming to improve our understanding of how people react in scenarios that elicit states of extreme fear, requiring a multidisciplinary approach, including elements of sociology, psychology, human factors, pedestrian dynamics, experimental design and terrorism. As part of this research I ran full scale experiments, developed virtual reality environments, performed data analysis, and implemented the findings in software packages. My future work will expand on this research, and develop further methods of quantifying, measuring and examining pedestrian movement characteristics, including different cognitive states and responses to autonomous vehicles."

A showcase of the different VR approaches that can be used for performing experiments with human participants; with detail on the logistical considerations; potential investigation types; data outputs; future avenues and starting points.