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Bio: David Martin is a Professor of Geography at the University of Southampton. He is a co-director of both the National Centre for Research Methods and the UK Data Service. He was the coordinator of ESRC's Census Programme from 2002-2012 and his research in Geographical Information Science particularly concerns grid-based population mapping and automated zone design. His work led to the system of Census output areas, Super output areas and Workplace Zones that have been used by the Office for National Statistics for the publication of area-based census data since 2001.

Sarah King-Hele,

Alle Bloom, University of Manchester

Julia Kasmire, University of Manchester

Emily Durrant, University of Essex

Maureen Haaker, University of Essex

Cristina Magder, University of Essex

Eilish Peters, University of Essex

Saskia Price, University of Essex

Anca Vlad, University of Essex

Hina Zahid, University of Essex

Bio: "I first encountered Census data in 1995, working as a placement student for a year at Midas (Manchester Information, Data and Associated Services) within the University of Manchester. I was asked back when my degree had completed and initially worked as maternity cover, programming an object oriented database for the SuperJournal project. That was in 1997, Midas then became Mimas, my job changed to become infrastructure and programming support on Census data, then moved to International Time Series data as part of UKDS but still working within the University of Manchester, then when the unit moved to Jisc my role increased to become encompass training for aggregate data. My role now is as senior technical co-ordinator for aggregate data within the UK Data Service, looking after a team of 4 technical staff who are responsible for the ingest of data to our systems and the hardware and software infrastructure on which it sits. In my career I have been lucky worked on ground breaking interfaces such as Casweb, GeoConvert and DotStat and taken part in shared projects that have led to advances in UK Census Outputs, Open Geospatial Consortium APIs, e-Social Science and international data co-operation such as the SIS-CC."

Meet the data experts from the UK Data Service for help and advice in accessing; finding; managing and getting started with data.

Come along to talk to our experts about any of the following topics:

Finding and accessing data from the UK Data Service Accessing secure data via the UK Data Service secure lab Managing research data Depositing your research data with the UK Data Service Getting started with specific datasets or data types from the UK Data Service: Survey data Census data Qualitative data International macrodata – staff only available 3.00-3.30 Getting started with computational social science.  Come along to talk with us about any topic related to computational social science e.g. how to find; get or analyse new forms of data for the social sciences such as social media data; data from the internet etc.; learning coding; using Github etc. Wonder We will be holding this session in wonder.me space where you can approach an expert and ask questions.  On wonder you can move around a room and join a circle to talk to people. In a circle; you can share your camera; microphone and screen (so very similar to a Teams or zoom call).   Wonder.me works best with Chrome or Edge.  You may need to use a personal device to join if your corporate network does not allow you to access wonder.me.  It is recommended to close all software that uses your camera or sound devices before joining wonder and close wonder after use.  See wonder FAQs Try out this wonder test session any time before the drop-in.