What is causal inference?


Bio: Eduardo (Ph.D. In Econometrics, The University of Manchester) is a statistician/econometrician specialised in Causal Inference. He uses nonparametric methods to study questions about ageing (e.g. the effect of retirement on health and skills), childhood (the formation of skills such as strategic behaviour) and to evaluate policies that could affect peoples' skills and development. His work has been published in leading journals, such as Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Journal of Applied Statistics, Statistical Papers or Health Affairs, among others.

This session will look at what is "causal inference"; the statistical tool behind the evaluation of policies; medical and scientific innovations and academic experiments. Specifically; we will discuss what makes causal inference difficult; what approaches are being taken to make credible causal inferences; and we will provide quick rules of thumb that can help the public to separate credible and less credible causal claims.