Writing as a Method Of and For Research


Nicole Brown, Social Research & Practice and Education Ltd.

Bio: Dr Helen Kara FAcSS has been an independent researcher since 1999 and an independent scholar since 2011. She writes about research methods and research ethics, and teaches doctoral students and staff at higher education institutions worldwide. Her books include Creative Research Methods: A Practical Guide and Research Ethics in the Real World: Euro-Western and Indigenous Perspectives for Policy Press, and she has written and edited several other books for Policy Press, SAGE and Routledge. She is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Manchester and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Writing is used by all Euro-Western researchers; whether quantitative; qualitative; or multi-modal. In this session we will discuss the four key roles of writing: as your friend; teacher; therapist and career planner. We will consider writing as a research method; writing for research; by keeping field notes; writing as part of organising the research journey and career trajectory such as through the use of journals; and creative research writing.