What is the ECHILD Database?


Louise Mc Grath-Lone, University College London

Linked; longitudinal administrative data from education; social care and health have been used separately for more than two decades to inform policy and practice; plan and monitor services; and advance science. The Education and Child health Insights from Linked Data (ECHILD) Database links these data sources together nationally for the first time and includes information on hospital contacts; exam results and referrals to children's social care services. Because most children attend a state school or NHS hospital at some point in childhood; the ECHILD Database includes almost all children in England born since 1995 (>95%) with follow-up to age 24. The content and coverage of the ECHILD Database make it particularly informative for research to inform policy and services. In this session; we will introduce and describe the development of the ECHILD Database which will be made available to researchers for wider re-use in 2021.