Getting going with tracking your research impact


Bio: Sarah has an international reputation as a leader in the fields of knowledge exchange and research impact, and has been an invited speaker on this topic in the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia. She has conducted eight independent impact studies and supported organisations and individuals to create and understand the impact of research and evidence-use strategies within and outwith Universities. She is the co-founder of Matter of Focus - a company that supports organisations to use data and evidence effectively - and has built an innovative software tool ‘OutNav’ to support this process.

Would you like to be able to track the impact of your research; and demonstrate the difference you are making? In this workshop; Dr Sarah Morton will share insights from her extensive experience of research impact assessment and help participants to take the first steps in tracking the impact of their own research. This will include an introduction to research impact tracking; and the chance to try out some of the techniques and approaches in discussion with colleagues. It will focus on telling 'success stories' of research impact; and thinking about the data and evidence needed to turn them into case studies for REF or other purposes.