In conversation with... Sophie Woodward, Jennifer Leigh and Nicole Brown


Bio: "Jennifer Leigh is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Kent. j.s.leigh@kent.ac.uk Jennifer joined the Centre for the Study of Higher Education full-time in 2013. She initially trained as a chemist, somatic movement therapist, and yoga teacher before completing her doctorate in education at the University of Birmingham. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She edited a book for Routledge in 2019, Conversations on embodiment across higher education: Teaching, practice and research. Together with Nicole Brown, she edited and contributed to Ableism in Academia: Theorising Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses in Higher Education,(UCL Press, 2020), and authored Embodied Inquiry: Research Methods (Bloomsbury, 2021). She is a founder member of WISC (an international network for Women In Supramolecular Chemistry) and the only social scientist on the Board. The projects she has underway with WISC aim to bring embodied research approaches (and glitter) into the world of chemistry and public engagement. Her next book, The boundaries of qualitative research: with art, education, therapy and science will be published by Bristol University Press. Her research interests include embodiment, phenomenological and creative research methods, academic practice, academic development, and ableism as well as aspects of teaching and learning in higher education. She tweets as @drschniff @suprachem."

Nicole Brown, Social Research & Practice and Education Ltd.

Bio: Sophie Woodward carries out research into materiality, fashion, consumption, feminist theory and everyday life. She is the author of five books, including recently Material Methods (2019), and Birth and Death (2019 with Kath Woodward). With an ongoing interest in creative methods and material methods she is currently carrying out research into Dormant Things – things in the home people keep but are no longer using, which she is currently developing into publications into the hidden spaces and materialities of the home.

To celebrate the relaunch of the NCRM book research method series with the publication of 'Embodied Inquiry: Research Methods' Sophie Woodward is holding an 'In conversation event' with the authors Jennifer Leigh and Nicole Brown. Jennifer and Nicole's book explores what an embodied approach brings to a research project; and which kinds of considerations need to be taken into account to research in this way. The book has been praised as a 'welcome addition to the research methods literature' that is 'grounded in interdisciplinary theorizing and bursting with practical wisdom'; and as such 'a practical guide for both students and scholars interested in engaging in an embodied research process'. In this event; Sophie; Jennifer and Nicole will discuss; among other things; what Embodied Inquiry is; what the benefits and challenges of this mode of research are; and what an Embodied Inquiry might look like in practice.