From data poetry to 'data music': performing your research results


Bio: Simone Eringfeld is an educationist, artist-researcher, poet and writer whose work explores new ways to blend academia with art. She graduated from the University of Cambridge with a master's degree in Education and International Development in 2020. Her thesis on the future of the post-Covid University, which used podcasting as its principal research method, won the BERA Master's Dissertation Award (1st Prize, 2021). In April 2021, she released her first spoken word music EP in which she presented data from her research at Cambridge. Most recently, she has been focused on further developing podcasting as an action research method and 'data music' as a new way of communicating research results.

This session focuses on poetic and sonic methods for data analysis and research communication; and centers around the idea of 'performing your research results'. More specifically; this webinar focuses on how - and why - to convert 'data poetry' (poems written with research data as a form of analysis) into spoken word performances. In this webinar; I'll introduce the new method of 'data music' and use my data-based spoken word music album 'Please Hold' as a way to illustrate what research can 'sound' like and how music can be used to share outcomes with a wide audience.