Session:Innovations in measuring household finances: questionnaires and mobile apps
Time:Thursday 5th July, 09:15 - 10:45
Convenor: Professor Mike Brewer (University of Essex)

Abstract Details

Developing feasible and efficient methods for collecting accurate information about household finances poses many challenges. Presentations in this session will report on 1) experiments with ways of improving the reporting of income in a survey questionnaire, by asking respondents to review and edit summaries of all income they reported in the survey, 2) experiments with ways of collecting data about the whole household budget constraint (income, spending and changes in assets and debts) in a single interview, and 3) a mobile app study, where respondents recorded purchases by taking pictures of shopping receipts.

The level of the session is: Accessible

Presentation details

Presentation 1
Start time: 09:15
Presentation title: Can summary screens improve income reporting in surveys?
Presenter: Dr Paul Fisher (University of Essex)
Presentation 2
Start time: 09:45
Presentation title: How to collect consistent information on household budgets
Presenter: Professor Mike Brewer (University of Essex)
Presentation 3
Start time: 10:15
Presentation title: If we build it, will they comply? Assessing quality of data from a mobile spending app
Presenter: Ms Carli Lessof (University of Southampton)