Session: Comparative Urbanism

Time: Tuesday 5th July, 10:00 - 12:30


Professor Michael Keith (University of Oxford)

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The city provides a particular lens through which we make the social and economic world visible. But how might we develop scholarship that recognises the differences between cities, acknowledges that they are characterised by particular histories and unique geographies and at the same time understands the potential to learn from different experiences? To do so we might need to think again about the potential and pitfall of a comparative urbanism. So in this session we consider the methods through which such a comparative urbanism might develop analytically in the social sciences and practically in the world beyond the academy.

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Presenter: Michael Guggenheim

Comparative Urbanism

Presenter: Patrick LeGales

Comparative Urbanism

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Presentation 1

Start time: 10:00

Presentation title: Introduction


Professor Michael Keith (Urban transformations coordinator, University of Oxford)

Presentation 2

Start time: 10:10

Presentation title: Same, same but different: provoking relations, assembling the comparator


Dr Michael Guggenheim (Goldsmiths University of London)

Presentation 3

Start time: 11:05

Presentation title: Thinking cities through elsewhere: comparative tactics for a more global urban studies


Professor Jennifer Robinson (University College London)

Presentation 4

Start time: 11:30

Presentation title: What is governed and not governed in the large metropolis: comparing Paris, Mexico (and London and Sao Paulo)


Professor Patrick Le Gales (Sciences Po, Paris)

Presentation 5

Start time: 12:00

Presentation title: Comparative urbanism: social innovation in austerity


Professor Joe Painter (Durham University)