Session:Tuesday 8th July PM (16.00 - 17.30)
Title:How to Use Visual Research Methods
Convenors: Dr Kate Wall (Durham University)
Dr Elaine Hall (Northumbria University)

Abstract Details

This will be a highly interactive session that explores what incorporating the visual really means including:
- boundaries to the field;
- study design;
- potential / limitations of specific visual tools;
- issues of quality, rigour and ethics;
- modes of analysis;
- dissemination.
Participants will need to bring a piece of visual research data to answer the enquiry: “What is my research space?”. Your decisions about what constitutes visual data will be a focus for discussion. This evidence will form a data set which supports activities allowing us to problematise the visual research process in real time.

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Kate Wall How to use visual methods: presentation

The level of the session is: Accessible

Presentation details

Presentation 1
Start time: 16:00
Presentation title:The developing field of visual methodology
Author: Dr Kate Wall (Durham University)
Presentation 2
Start time: 16:30
Presentation title:Exploring examples of visual methods use in social science
Author: Dr Elaine Hall (Northumbria University)
Presentation 3
Start time: 17:00
Presentation title:Analysing visual methods: affordances and constraints
Authors: Dr Kate Wall (Durham University)
Dr Elaine Hall (Northumbria University)