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Session: Tuesday 3rd July AM (09.15 - 12.45)
Title: New Methods for Data Collection: Geovisualization and Mass Communication.
Name: Mark Birkin
Affiliation: NCRM node TALISMAN, University of Leeds

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This session explores new methods and techniques for collecting, communicating and visualizing social data. From data mining through to volunteered geographic information, citizen sensors and crowd sourcing we explore the rise of Web 2.0 and onwards to Web 3.0 for data analysis. Combining these data sets with online visualization toolkits it is possible to execute simulations and models via the browser. We walk through a series of emerging methodologies allowing rapid data communication from 3D games engines through to augmented reality and mobile visualization and the ability to mass communicate research output.

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Nick Malleson Geovisualisation, spatial analysis and simulation

The level of the session is: Accessible

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