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Opinion Polling in the EU Referendum: Challenges and Lessons. Book your place!

This seminar features presentations of how the polling companies set about their task and independent evaluations of the methodology that they used. 8 December 2016, RSS, London

NCRM Online learning resources

New Online Learning Resources from NCRM

Each resource includes purposely-created video tutorials and supporting materials such as presentation slides and video transcripts along with related datasets, recommended readings and links to related research publications and resources. New online training resources will be continuously added to this collection.

visual diaries

Listen to a podcast on using visual diaries to capture the everyday lives of people in mid to later life

The use of visual methods in research on ageing has become increasingly popular. Not a great deal of it, however, has looked at people in mid to later life. A team at Brunel University, London, has been doing just that, using photography to document every day lives. Dr Wendy Martin explains more to Chris Garrington in this episode of the Methods Podcast.