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Call for NCRM Methodological Research Projects from Early Career Researchers

NCRM is pleased to invite proposals from early career researchers. Applicants must send an Intention to Submit form by 16:00 on 16 December 2016. The budget for each individual Research Project is up to a maximum of £125,000.

MethodsNews 2016: 3

2016: 3 MethodsNews: Reflecting on methods in 2016 and looking forward to 2017

This Newsletter covers the big, the seemingly small and the undeniably influential issues related to social science research methods. Read articles from Jane Elliott (ESRC), Jane Falkingham, Melanie Nind, Ros Edwards (University of Southampton), Jonathan Minton (University of Glasgow) and Tarani Chandola (University of Manchester).

Approaches to Analysing Qualitative Data: Archaeology as a Metaphor

Watch video from the 'Approaches to Analysing Qualitative Data: Archaeology as a Metaphor' event

How can we ‘dig down’, and where do we dig, to get an analytic grip when working with large and complex bodies of qualitative data? Dr Emma Davidson, Prof Clive Seale and Prof Maria Tamboukou talk at the NCRM research methods event which took place in London on the 18 October 2016. Watch the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel.