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Apply for the ESRC training bursary and improve your research skills

The bursaries enable staff in the UK social science community engaged in research, teaching research methods or supervising research to update their research skills. Contract researchers working in HEIs are also eligible for the bursaries.


Watch the 'The Value and Place of Qualitative Research in Science Policy-Making' seminar

In the context of science policy making, where key players are generally trained in the natural sciences, qualitative methods are often regarded with skepticism and as being of, at most, exploratory value. In this NCRM Methods Symposium, Ian Boyd, Professor Judith Petts, Professor Andy Stirling and Sir Roland Jackson consider the place and value of qualitative research evidence in science policy-making.

new podcast

New podcasts from the Data Linkage Event

Listen to the Latest Podcasts from the 'Data linkage: Ethical and societal concerns' event. Data linkage: challenges and opportunities by Peter Elias and the challenges of linking health service data by Neil Serougi