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Book your place now: 6th ESRC Research Methods Festival

The registrations for the next ESRC Research Methods Festival (8-10 July 2014, St Catherine's College, Oxford) are open. The programme consists of over 50 sessions, with keynotes by Gary King (Harvard), Sharlene Hesse-Biber (Boston College) and Douglas Harper (Duquesne University).

image of a patient and a doctor

Exploring the 'trustworthiness' of GPs

Trust is fundamental in relationships where there is an element of risk and unequal knowledge between parties, such as in the relationship between a patient and their GP. While ‘general’ measures of trust in GPs in surveys demonstrate high levels of trust among populations, ‘specific’ measures of trust (in relation to particular experiences of health care) reveal a more sceptical picture, particularly among people with certain health conditions.