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Report: Consultation on methodological research needs in UK social science

NCRM undertakes periodic assessments of national provision and need in methodological research and training through consultation with stakeholders. In November of 2014 NCRM carried out a third consultation on the views of the UK social science research community about current and future methodological research needs.


Call for proposals for special issues: International Journal of Social Research Methodology

The International Journal of Social Research Methodology publishes up to two guest-edited Special Issues per volume. The IJSRM editorial board welcomes proposals for Special Issues for volume 18, to be submitted to the Journal editors by Friday 17th July 2015. 

understanding the 2015 General Election

New podcast: Surveying UK population's political attitudes

How we vote and why we vote the way we do has become a key part of how we look at politics in the UK. One of the best resources around to help us pick our way through those things is the well-established British Election Study. Professor Jane Green from the University of Manchester discusses what the study helps us understand, how it works and how researchers and other interested individuals can get their hands on this data.