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Methods at the boundaries of the arts and humanities, and social sciences

What makes a social science? Is it the methods we use, or the way we use them? To what extent can we adopt or adapt methods from arts based disciplines, and why might we want to? What are the challenges in doing that? Jen Tarr discusses in the latest issue of MethodsNews.

photo of Gary King giving a keynote lecture at RMF14

Videos and audio presentations from the 6th ESRC Research Methods Festival

The filmed presentations and 'What is?' audio slideshow presentations from the 6th ESRC Research Methods Festival are now available on the NCRM website. The filmed presentations from the Festival include the NCRM Annual Lecture 'Reverse engineering Chinese censorship' by Professor Gary King (Harvard).

10 years of NCRM publication cover

Making Methods Matter: 10 years of NCRM

Year 2014 marks the 10 year anniversary of the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods. We have produced a brochure 'Making methods matter: 10 years of NCRM' to highlight the research and training achievements, and the impacts of NCRM.