NOVELLA - Narratives of Varied Everyday Lives and Linked Approaches

Principal Investigator: Professor Ann Phoenix


NOVELLA node conducted research concerned with the everyday practices of families. These are frequently taken for granted, but people's habits and their relation to society are often negotiated within families. Novella's research considered what people do and what they say they do, as this can tell us about their identities, values and possible future actions.


Research projects

Parenting Identities and Practices built on previous narrative studies and compare these data sets with data from the Millennium Cohort Study. It addressed the question of how narratives of habitual family practices fit with what parents say and do over time.

Families and food: Methodological innovations for studying habitual practices aimed to inform ongoing and substantial policy concern about the difficulty of changing established habitual family practices in relation to food.

Family lives and the environment: Cross-national perspectives on habitual practices examined the intersection between family narratives about climate change, climatic events and understandings of everyday practices in relation to the environment, and 'ecological' activities in everyday family life. The project built on data from the Young Lives study, but included new research with families India (Andhra Pradesh) and the UK.

The possibilities of narrative analysis for paradata: a historically situated exploration was a collaborative project with the Hub. The aim of this project was to investigate the possibilities of narrative analysis for paradata, and attendant ethical issues, through working with historically situated archived data.

Using multimodal and narrative approaches to study food blogs: Stories about food, mothering and fathering was a collaborative project with MODE node. The project aimed to compare and combine multimodal and narrative frameworks for analyzing blogs, and to examine the role of food and the construction of mothering and fathering in online visual and textual narratives about feeding families.



NOVELLA publications are available in NCRM EPrints archive.



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