MODE - Multimodal Methodologies for Researching Digital Data and Environments

Principal Investigator: Professor Carey Jewitt


The MODE node of NCRM developed multimodal methodologies for social scientists, providing systematic ways to investigate all modes of representation and communication in digital environments.


Research projects


Digital technologies in the operating theatre project explored the potential and use of digital data for professional and educational purposes. The project focused on digital technologies in the operating theatre and their potential for improving clinical care and training. Listen to Jeff Bezemer talk about the project in NCRM podcast series.

Researching embodiment with digital technologies project investigated the role of emergent technologies in engendering ‘embodied’ learning experiences, specifically looking at ways in which they give rise to science learning experiences that are ‘embodied’; ways in which such ‘embodied learning experiences’ can foster scientific understanding and reasoning. The project ran an Embodiment blog exploring the idea of embodiment.

Multimodal analysis of food blogs was a collaborative project with NOVELLA node. The project aimed to address the questions i) What are the methodological potentials and constraints of doing multimodal narrative analysis of blogs?, and ii) What stories are told in UK based food blogs?

Assessing the trustworthiness of GPs was a collaborative project with the Hub. The project aimed to draw on a range of data to explore how judgements regarding the trustworthiness of GPs are formed.



MODE publications are available in NCRM Eprints



For further information please see MODE website.