The Hub

The main focus of the Hub was the strategic development of the NCRM and the coordination of the NCRM activities. Members of the Hub team conducted research into the methodological research and training needs of the UK social science community, and undertake methodological research.

In addition to the NCRM coordination and methodological research the Hub ran a comprehensive training and capacity building programme.


Research projects

Capacity building in social science research methods: researching teaching and learning processes project by the Hub aimed to explore the pedagogical demands of teaching advanced social science research methods.

Collection and analysis of open ended responses in surveys research project looked at whether the mode of delivery of Open Ended Questions in surveys influences the quality of the data and its analysis. Specifically, researchers at the Hub explored the differences between responses being typed verbatim by the interviewer and responses which are audio-recorded (and later transcribed). Issues of consent to be recorded, response detail and quality of the data are being examined.

Simulation of daily patterns of commuting and social activity was a collaborative project with TALISMAN.

The influence of social class on cognitive development trajectories was a collaborative project with LEMMA 3.

Assessing the trustworthiness of GPs was a collaborative project with MODE.

Poverty in the UK: Advancing paradata analysis and open access was an ESRC cross-investment project with NOVELLA and the Townsend Centre for International Poverty Research.

Assessments of methodological research and training needs were conducted by the Hub team. These assessments inform NCRM training and capacity building strategy.

Innovation in research methods project by the Hub sought to explore how and why developments or 'innovations' in methods achieve breakthrough status in terms of uptake and use in the social science community while others do not.



Hub publications are available in NCRM EPrints