Node Publications

Lancaster-Warwick-Stirling node finished its work in 2011.


Criminological research strand

In this research strand Lancaster-Warwick-Stirling (LWS) focused on the development and extension of latent class and Markov transition models for modelling patterning of offences over time. The focus of this work was on the changing patterns of criminal behaviour - both through the life course and across time. Part of this work attempted to disentangle age period and cohort effects. Another part focused on the development of spatio-temporal models for reported crime.

Developmental psychology research strand

In this research strand LWS researchers analysed complex multivariate data on childhood development, and investigated the relationship between domain general skills like language or executive functioning and domain specific skills like 'theory of mind'. This was a complex multivariate problem requiring a graphical modelling approach through "directed acyclic graphs".

Sociological attitudinal and preference strand

In this research strand LWS researchers investigated issues of changing gender roles and changing preferences to post compulsory education over time, using data from the British Household Panel Survey and the Youth Cohort Surveys. Problems of attrition and missing data in repeated ordinal measurements over time were addressed.