The Hub

The Hub team conducted research into the methods-related training needs of the UK social science community, which informs policy and practice in relation to the development of research methods capacity in the UK.

The Hub was based at the University of Southampton.


BIAS was interested in modelling the complexities and core processes that underlie observational social science data and in developing a set of statistical frameworks for combining data from different sources.

BIAS was based at the Imperial College London.


Lancaster-Warwick node's focus was to promote good statistical modelling in the social sciences through training and also to develop new statistical modelling methodology for longitudinal and other correlated data.

LW node was based at the universities of Lancaster and Warwick.


LEMMA were an interdisciplinary node specialising in the analysis of data with complex structure that mirrors substantive research questions. Such complex structure includes household and family data, contextual, neighbourhood and area effects, spatial analytical models, longitudinal data structures, event-duration models, and mover-stayer models.

LEMMA node was based at the University of Bristol.


Methods for Research Synthesis (MRS) developed methods for synthesising the results of all types of research and applies these methods to substantive review topics across the social sciences.

MRS node was based at the Institute of Education, University of London.


Real Life Methods (RLM) node explored new research methods that aim to grasp the multidimensionality of 'real lives'. Real Life Methods node wants their research to be able to reflect, describe and explain people's everyday lives.

Real Life Methods node was based at the University of Manchester and University of Leeds


Qualiti node focused on the innovation, integration and impact of qualitative research methods, paying particular attention to the social contexts in which research methods and methodologies are situated.

Qualiti node was based at the Cardiff University.