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Methods News covers methodological developments in the social sciences and beyond, across all disciplines and sectors. We publish NCRM-related stories as well as updates from external organisations and individuals working with or researching quantitative, qualitative, digital, creative, visual, mixed and multimodal methods.

Researchers to discuss qualitative data archiving in free webinar

A panel of researchers will discuss the archiving of qualitative data at a free webinar organised by QUEST (Qualitative Expertise at Southampton). The event, on 23 …

Why examining the gritty details of human social organisation is key to understanding the nature of ‘ubiquitous’ technologies

Consider, for a moment, the pervasive spread of computational devices, services and infrastructures that insinuate themselves into almost every part of life for a sizeable proportion …

What is facet methodology?

Facet methodology is a creative approach to researching that aims to create insights into our social world. It is an approach developed by a team of …

Call for MethodsCon now open

Researchers are being invited to submit proposals for NCRM’s MethodsCon, which takes place in Manchester on 13-14 September 2022. MethodsCon is a wholly in-person event that has …

Reproducibility: or why science is not alchemy

Contrary to popular understandings, alchemy was not just wacky medieval wizards trying to turn lead into gold or to create a panacea that would allow them …

NCRM launches call for UKRI Future Leaders Fellows

NCRM is delighted to announce a new call for UKRI Future Leaders Fellows to lead events in its popular Innovation Fora series. The centre will provide …

NCRM publishes collection of 10 papers on investigative methods

NCRM has published a new collection of papers on investigative methods. The collection brings together investigators working in different domains, sectors and areas of interest to …

Postgraduate researchers asked for feedback on training needs

NCRM and doctoral training groups across the UK are asking postgraduate researchers in the social sciences to provide insights on their training needs. Over a two-week period …