PEPA - Programme Evaluation for Policy Analysis

Principal Investigator: Professor Lorraine Dearden

Answering questions about the effectiveness of state interventions in economic and social domains – such as "did this training programme help the participants get back to work?", or "did this child health programme improve children's outcomes?” – is the goal of programme evaluation.

Robust programme evaluation is difficult: researchers have to estimate causal impacts credibly and understand the uncertainty in their estimates, and policy-makers have to determine how best to synthesize and generalise the lessons learned from multiple studies.

PEPA's overall objective was to maximise the value of programme evaluation by improving the design of evaluations and improving the way that such evaluations add to the knowledge base.

PEPA research programme aimed to


PEPA also ran a programme of training and capacity building activities.


Impacts (March 2013)


For further information about PEPA please see their website. PEPA is based at the Institute for Fiscal Studies and cemmap.