PATHWAYS - Biosocial Influences on Health

Principal Investigator: Professor Emily Grundy

PATHWAYS aimed to identify pathways that link socio-demographic circumstances and biological disadvantage to adult health, and parental family and socio-economic circumstances to infant mortality, with a particular emphasis on the mediating factors that lie on these pathways.

PATHWAYS aimed to


PATHWAYS research programme consisted of projects that explore pathways to and from particular fertility histories and their implications for later life health; pathways to and from marital status trajectories and health in mid life; pathways from parental socio-economic and demographic circumstance to birth weight of infants and infant mortality; and use of genes as instrumental variables in causal analysis.

In addition to research projects PATHWAYS ran a training programme.


Impacts (March 2013)


For further information please see PATHWAYS website. PATHWAYS was based at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London and University of Cambridge.