NOVELLA - Narratives of Varied Everyday Lives and Linked Approaches

Principal Investigator: Professor Ann Phoenix

NOVELLA was concerned with the everyday habitual practices of families. These are frequently taken for granted, but orientation to the social world and what people do are (at least partly) negotiated within families. ‘Disconnections' between people's narratives and actions also tell us about their identities, values and possible future actions.

NOVELLA's aim was to


NOVELLA's research programme consisted of projects that are socially relevant and of concern to policymakers and practitioners in the UK and internationally. Projects included ‘Parenting Identities and Practices’, ‘Families and food: Methodological innovations for studying habitual practices' and ‘Family lives and the environment: Cross-national perspectives on habitual practices’.

NOVELLA also ran a training programme designed to improve methodological skills in narrative analysis and linked approaches.


Impacts (March 2013)


NOVELLA was based at the Institute of Education, University of London. For further information please see the NOVELLA website.