MODE - Multimodal Methodologies for Researching Digital Data and Environments

Principal Investigator: Professor Carey Jewitt

MODE developed multimodal methodologies for social scientists, providing systematic ways to investigate all modes of representation and communication in digital environments.

MODE activities were organized around five thematic strands:

  1. Collection and analysis. How to gather, produce, select and analyze digital data?
  2. Transcription. How to represent digital data in different modes and media?
  3. Mixed methods. How to combine multimodal methodologies with other concepts and frameworks?
  4. Time and space. How can multimodal methodologies help investigate time and space in digital environments?
  5. Body. How can multimodal methodologies help investigate the body in digital environments?


MODE had a programme of research that included projects such as ‘Digital technologies in the operating theatre’ exploring the potential and use of digital data for professional and educational purposes, and ‘Researching embodiment with digital technologies’ investigating the body in digital environments in secondary school.

MODE delivered a programme of training and capacity building activities for social science researchers. These activities included public lectures, seminars, data workshops, training courses and online activities.


Impacts (March 2013)


MODE was based at the London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, University of London. For further information please see the MODE website.