LEMMA 3: Longitudinal Effects, Multilevel Modelling and Applications

Principal Investigator: Professor Fiona Steele

Social science is all about understanding complex social processes. For example, the processes by which people from families with differing socio-economic status obtain markedly different life outcomes are complex and develop over time. It has long been recognised that understanding such processes requires longitudinal data comprising repeated measurements of the key factors over time, and there has been substantial investment in the collection of such data.

The overarching objective of LEMMA 3 was to build capacity in the analysis of longitudinal data. LEMMA 3 aimed to


LEMMA 3 ran an extensive programme of training and capacity building activities for academic and non-academic users. LEMMA 3 also provided support to other trainers who wish to develop their own courses in longitudinal data analysis. These activities are augmented by further developing online training materials and continuing to make available free software to UK-based academic users.


Impacts (March 2013)


LEMMA 3 was based at the Centre for Multilevel Modelling at the University of Bristol. For further information please see the LEMMA 3 website.