QUIC - Qualitative innovations in CAQDAS

Principal Investigator: Professor Nigel Fielding

QUIC (Qualitative innovations in CAQDAS) was concerned with the integration and analysis of multiple data sources using CAQDAS software and the dissemination of such techniques through a training and capacity building programme.

QUIC explored qualitative software support for


QUIC explored the three new areas by applying them to the field of environmental risk. They tested the first two ones in mini-research projects concerning social factors in response to natural environmental risk arising from climate change, and the third one in social environmental risk arising from crime/disorder.

QUIC derived exemplars, teaching datasets, and self-learning materials from each mini-research project and transferred these to its Training and Capacity Building programme.

QUIC was a collaboration between the University of Surrey and Royal Holloway, University of London

For further information please see QUIC website