ADMIN - Administrative data: methods inference & network

Principal Investigator: Professor Lorraine Dearden

ADMIN (Administrative data: methods inference & network) aimed to exploit newly linked administrative and survey longitudinal data to develop and disseminate methodology for making the best use of administrative data and reassessing how best to deal with some of the common problems associated with using survey based longitudinal data.

The research program developed innovative methodological approaches for using administrative data when covariates or responses are missing and using longitudinal survey data when there are problems with measurement error, item non-response and attrition.

Researchers at ADMIN developed innovative methodological approaches to analysing administrative and survey panel data by addressing substantive research questions in the areas of education, economics and social policy. ADMIN also built capacity in using administrative data through training courses, web-based materials, fellowships and studentships as well as by developing an international network of researchers.

ADMIN was based at the Institute of Education, University of London.