Principal Investigator: Professor Amanda Coffey

Qualiti focused on the innovation, integration and impact of qualitative research methods, paying particular attention to the social contexts in which research methods and methodologies are situated. The methodological aims included:

• Exploiting new opportunities for the recording, display and communication of qualitative data
• Exploring the opportunities and challenges for integrating different qualitative research approaches, modes of data collection, data types and analytical strategies
• Developing innovative and participatory methods of qualitative inquiry
• Enhancing the role, impact and understanding of qualitative inquiry in the public domain

Researchers at Qualiti were engaged in projects that developed the capacity for methodological innovation, integration and impact in the context of substantive research settings. Their demonstrator projects sought ways of actively engaging research users, participants and stakeholders in methodological advancement, developing and implementing innovative research practice, and informed their training and capacity building agenda.

Qualiti was based at Cardiff University.

For further information please see Qualiti website.